About wecamp

For seasoned campers,

and for newbies who needed a few changes to take the camping plunge

We are the new generation of campsites. Restless and non-conformist, we were born with the aim of creating an experience where possible,

Enjoy the natural environment in a sustainable and comfortable way.

We apply our experience in the hotel sector to welcome everyone who is looking for more than just a campsite.


we travel
We create unique places and moments inspired by the world around us

Many of us are looking for a different way to engage with the natural environment. 

A more sustainable form of nature exploration and ecotourism. 

We transform the travel experience, adopting a new mentality and making subtle yet essential changes with a big impact.

We’re here to change campsites forever. 


we dream
We have a green attitude and an eco-friendly mindset

We propose a fairer, more sustainable brand of tourism. We believe that true luxury lies in the little things, and we want to discover it with you.

We respect nature and roots. We embrace the local with a global mentality.



we share
We welcome those who think life is better with company

Walks, games, music, evenings, sunsets, the smell of the forest and the sound of birdsong... We offer countless experiences and spaces to share with family, friends and other wecampers like you: respectful, honest, environmentally aware nature lovers, stargazers, experience junkies, cool travellers.