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We want to contribute to a more responsible economy that respects people and the planet. We promote sustainable tourism development within the framework of the 2030 SDGs, promoted by the United Nations, which we take on as our own challenges.

Certification for efforts made in alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

A certification system that rigorously and scientifically guarantees that our establishments meet these quality requirements in their night sky.

Certificate that guarantees the quality of sleep in our accommodation. wecamp accommodations take into account the different environmental aspects that have an influence on the quality of rest.

Certifications and continuous improvement
Recognition of our achievements and efforts in quality and sustainability

  • Biosphere

Support for entrepreneurship and local developement. Consumption of products and contracting of destination services.

We offer products, services and experiences than enhance sustainability. Knowledge and respectful enjoyment of the enviroment.

We are committed to technology and new inno- vative methods that improve the customer expe- rience and contribute to save or make better use of resources and information. App and QR code.

Intelligent management and use of energy resources. Consumption of resources that generate less environmental impact and that can bereciclables. 

We are committed to green electricity. Sustainable management of the community and its infrastructure. Contribution to the conservation of the destination.

Participation in conservation and ecosystem protection activities. Clean ups wecamp.

We encourage knowledge and learning among the people who make up the wecamp team.

We promote the elimination of barriers that limit the integration of people because of their gender, origin or religion, sexual orientation, economic situation or any other condition.