Celebrating Earth Day:
Our commitment to sustainability.

At wecamp, every day is Earth Day. We were born to create an experience where you can enjoy the natural environment in a sustainable and comfortable way. Every accommodation we design, every product we select and every experience we organise is designed to enhance what we love most: nature. And we do it under a motto: As Green As Possible.

Supporting the local

The beauty of each territory is special. Like the blue of the Costa Brava, the green valleys surrounding Cudillero and San Sebastian, the immensity of the Pyrenees and the volcanic rocks of Cabo de Gata. Unique villages with their traditions, their history, their flavours and their people.

For this reason, we respect the essence of each area as much as possible, focusing on local products, experiences and services that contribute to the growth of the territory. In addition to creating different local guides with recommendations from local people, to connect with the lifestyle and culture of each destination.

Accommodation integrated in nature

We are committed to green and energy-efficient construction. Our ecoglampings are fully integrated into their surroundings, blurring the barrier between landscape and interiors. We conserve wild species by planting local flora, building harmonious spaces with local animals and clearing forests and natural spaces.

Decisions that add up

We calculate our carbon footprint in all our eco campsites to reduce it, optimising resources, using renewable energy and opting for recyclable materials. We also prioritise eco technology, with digital tools such as apps and QR codes to reduce the use of ink and paper.

Free activities with a different rhythm

At wecamp, we work every day to create a different kind of family leisure proposal, with activities and workshops that are responsible with nature. During your stay, you can enjoy a host of free, relaxing, inspiring and enriching experiences.

  • Workshops for observing the sky. A programme of activities of all kinds to appreciate the beauty of the sky, such as initiation to astronomy and stargazing, creation of star maps, creation of constellation projectors and observation of the phases of the moon.

  • Activities with natural products. Various workshops where we will use plants, flowers, vegetable oils, essences and elements from our environment to create soaps, cosmetics and natural remedies.

  • Stop waste. Days to remove waste at natural destinations, with a breakfast to recharge your batteries.

  • Activities for the body. Different workshops to move to the rhythm of nature, whether yoga classes for all ages, natural dance to the rhythm of the forest or gymkhanas in idyllic surroundings.

  • To get to know the fauna and flora. Activities of all kinds to discover the animals and plants native to each destination, with specific workshops such as the construction of bird feeders or the creation of an artistic herbarium.

  • Craft workshops. We will use natural and local materials to create all kinds of objects, such as eco toys or products made from esparto grass.

Events that care for the planet

At wecamp, we are specialists in organising sustainable events. We design experiences for groups in unique settings in the middle of nature from an environmentally friendly point of view. Everything that happens at our camps puts the planet and people at the centre, from how we manage waste to our practices for accessibility and social responsibility.

Our commitment, certified

Our glampings have several recognitions that certify our work for a more ecological and responsible tourism, such as the Biosphere seal, which guarantees that we comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030, the Starlight Certification, which guarantees the quality of the night sky, and the Sleep Star certificate, which guarantees the quality of sleep in all our accommodations.