Discover the soul of Cadaqués through its infinite plans.

Cadaqués is the emblematic town whose gastronomy, nature and art open its doors to a wide variety of experiences that will give you a taste of the authentic seafaring lifestyle.

Cadaqués, with its crystal-clear waters and native vegetation, is the enclave known for preserving its Mediterranean spirit over the years. This is why all those who stroll through its cobbled streets consider it to be the white pearl of the Costa Brava.

At wecamp, we want to discover this historic town with you. To do this, we have prepared a set of plans so that, regardless of whether you are staying at our campsite, you can belong to the place you are visiting with our Local Guide. The App for those who want to explore Cadaqués in an uncrowded and sustainable way.

Do you want to experience the Alt Empordà region in all its versions? Here are all the ideas that will make you connect with the land that captivated Salvador Dalí himself.

1. Empordanese cuisine is a love of tradition and quality products.

The gastronomy of Alt Empordà is a treat for the senses thanks to its sea and mountain dishes based on fish, pork, poultry and sausages. In addition to its own D.O. wine.

Among its most distinctive products you will find El Cap de Creus Dry Gin, its handcrafted gin. Port de la Selva anchovies from the local fishermen's guild. And the Aceite de Cadaqués MF, a 100% Verdal variety.

Some of our favourite bars and restaurants where you can savour traditional cuisine are: Raviyu restaurant, Can Rafa, Casa Nun, Compartir, Casa Anita, Cap de Creus restaurant, Xiringuito de la sal, Lua Wine & Soul Food, el Viatge, Norai, Bar La Frontera, Bar Melitón, Brown Sugar, Café Tropical, Joia, Batalla, es Baluard, el Rebost and Narita.

Finally, don't miss one of its typical desserts: Los Tapones, a sweet in the shape of a 'cava cork'.

2. Discover the beaches and coves sculpted by the Tramontana wind.

If you love the sea, the coastline of Cadaqués will surprise you with its golden sand and seabed.

Among our favourite spots you will find Cala Sa Sabolla, surrounded by slate rocks. Cala Culip, full of marine diversity. Cala Jugadora, the old fishermen's refuge. Playa del Ros, ideal for families. Sa Conca, formed by coarse sand and rocks. Es Sortell beach, with views of the town centre and the surrounding mountains. And Playa des Llaner Gran i Petit, located in the centre of the town.

If you are one of those who prefer to take advantage of these calm waters for water activities, we have these options for you: Cadaqués Divers or Sotamar, two diving centres that respect the environment. And Charter Sant Isidre or Cadaqués Boats, for those who want to feel the natural environment by embarking on a Llaúd. For a special evening, Gala Acústica is the cycle of concerts in which light and sound envelop the horizon of the Cap de Creus Natural Park.

3. Cadaqués, birthplace of great artists of all generations

Strolling through the old quarter is to discover spaces where the avant-garde and tradition give way to unique art galleries. Among them, the Salvador Dalí House-Museum, where the artist lived and worked on a regular basis. Galería Cadaqués, a benchmark in contemporary art that keeps its roots alive. Taller Galeria Fort, open to trends in which artists from all over the world participate. MARGES-U is a sensibility for painting, sculpture and architecture. Cadaqués Museum, dedicated to artists related to the history of this town, including Salvador Dalí. And Ciutadella de Roses, an example of Renaissance military architecture in Catalonia.

4. Enjoy little shops with Mediterranean charm

Strolling through its historic streets is to discover small businesses specialising in 'the art of know-how'. Mo Cadaqués, Colmado Cadaqués, Boutique Pepa, Luna Brand are the clothing shops that bring together exclusive, sustainable and quality designs. On the other hand, Cerámica Clara Saló presents all kinds of decorative ceramics for the home. As for jewellery, Florencia Herrera and Sa Botigueta stand out for their originality.

5. Experience the festivities that make up the authentic seafaring lifestyle.

The festivities of Cadaqués explain the Mediterranean character of its inhabitants. The first of the year is Sol Ixent and San Sebastián, in January, where the inhabitants gather together to sing. The Cadaqués Carnival, in February, stands out for its musical activities. Cultural Week, in April, the literary prizes are held. The Indianos fair, in June, is full of shows and crafts. The Virgen del Carmen Boat Procession in July, the Cadaqués International Music Festival in August and the Cadaqués town festival in September are well known throughout the region. Finally, InCadaqués is the photography festival held in October.

6. Walk the routes where the blue sea meets the pine forests.

Cadaqués, surrounded by hills, is the place to enjoy hiking thanks to its many viewpoints that offer panoramic views of the coast.

Among our favourite routes you will find: From Cadaqués to Roses, the excursion to Paratge de Tudela, the Cala Nans lighthouse from Cadaqués and Cadaqués to Portlligat.

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