we care, wecamp

Offering maximum sustainability, promoting minimum environmental intervention and ensuring social well-being are the goals promoted by the United Nations (SDG 2030) and which we at wecamp take on as our own.


We are united by our love of nature. So exploring and discovering the environment around us to provide experiences that contribute to environmental sustainability matters to us, and matters a lot.

We are constantly working to be more than a campsite. Rather, a new generation space that has as a priority to generate the minimum environmental impact.

Investing in eco technology, promoting sustainable experiences, generating responsible consumption, recognising diversity, supporting local producers, among other things, makes us the organisation committed to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) 2030.

A plan promoted by the United Nations that creates a sustainable and prosperous future, and that we assume as our own.

Below, we show you all our initiatives to protect the planet and thus guarantee access to well-being for society as a whole.

1. We are committed to renewable energies

Our campsites are green constructions that are committed to renewable energies. To this end, we invest in eco technology that generates 60.56% of the electricity we consume.

And when self-production is not enough, we go one step further. We take advantage of natural light, install LEDs, avoid light pollution and set timers in common areas.

On the other hand, all our appliances are highly energy efficient and all the enclosures maintain the comfort temperature of each space.

In addition, we carry out a monthly control of consumption in order to manage it more responsibly. And based on these studies, we design actions that improve energy and water efficiency.

2. Digitalisation and eco-innovation

Digital innovation is at the heart of all our projects and services. An example of this is our App. A virtual space where you can access information and resources that not only improves the experience of each traveller, but also contributes to reducing environmental waste.

We favour digitalisation and document management processes through videoconferences, QR codes and online records for a lower impact on the ecosystem.

3. Local produce and responsible consumption.

We are committed to promoting the local economy. Prioritising the use of local products and services is our way of reducing our carbon footprint and perpetuating the tradition of each enclave.

To do this, we pay attention to detail. Thus, all our gastronomic offer, based on seasonal food, has the seal of Denomination of Origin of each locality.

Furthermore, most of the products we use are biodegradable, with the ECOLABEL label.

4. Waste reduction and management

We are united by our respect and love for the planet, which is why waste management is a job we do together.

On the one hand, our team is trained and aware of the good management and evaluation of resources. So in our practices we minimise food waste, we make a selective collection of waste and we have authorised managers for hazardous products and oils.

We also eliminate single-use plastic, such as water bottles, by installing drinking water fountains in all our areas. In addition, we only work with companies that offer environmentally friendly packaging. We replace single-dose amenities with dispenser bottles in all our accommodation: shower gel, shampoo and hand soap. We also provide our guests with eco-friendly water bottles.

In our offices, we manage paper well by reusing it, reducing printing and opting for digitalisation.

And, we have different water saving systems in our facilities, including: mixer taps, presto system in the showers, double pulse cisterns and the promotion of native plants that do not require watering.  In addition, we treat waste and grey water efficiently.

Finally, we raise awareness among our visitors so that they collaborate in the reduction of waste. To this end, we organise workshops and activities for all our guests in order to promote the ecosystem. An example of this is the children's workshops to reuse waste or the beach clean-ups.

In this line, we also encourage collaboration through experiences that transmit the natural values of the destination. Water sports, astro-tourism, geotourism and marine tourism are some of the proposals we offer.

5. Mobility and accessibility

Reducing environmental impact also means being more respectful of the habitat and people. Therefore, all our journeys are 'smoke-free', whether by means of electric vehicles, scooters or bicycles.

A comfortable and sustainable method of travel, accompanied by facilities such as: free electric charging points and safe parking areas, present in each campsite.

In addition, our facilities have all the requirements and protocols for accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

6. The team is the key

The people who form part of our team are the key to the success of our aims. That is why we promote the principles and labour rights of our employees in all their positions. Because together and involved is our way to achieve all our challenges.

Prioritising and training local people in safety, health and sustainability is central to our practices. So is paying attention to the professional and personal well-being of all our employees. That is why we create work-life balance plans and promote healthy lifestyles and habits.

So that together, it is possible to create a community that embraces wellbeing without interruption.

7.Social impact

Our commitment reaches the most disadvantaged social groups. Donations of furniture (bedsteads, blankets, cutlery and crockery), collaborations with social impact entities, contracting with employment centres aimed at people at risk of exclusion (collaboration with the ONCE group) or promoting the employment of new generations, is our way of cooperating in social transformation.

In short, 'welcome outsiders' is our way of welcoming everyone who loves this world. The one in which to be more than a tourist. Rather, an agent of change who cares for our planet to create and live unique moments.