Tips for preparing the perfect picnic

Did you know that the picnic is one of the healthiest and cheapest options to connect with the outdoors? Be a master of this practice with the tips that will make you the 'perfect picnic master'. An art that takes care of you, your loved ones and the planet.

With good weather, we want to connect with the natural environment, relax in the shade of our favorite landscape and surround ourselves with good company. And of course, enjoy a good meal!

Did you know that picnicking is one of the healthiest and cheapest options?

And of course, the impressionist Manet already knew this, with his “Lunch on the grass”, a painting that transmits peace, well-being, relaxation… you almost want to get inside!

We cannot do magic and make you appear in it, however, we can make you dream of 'the art of preparing the perfect picnic' with tips that will make your getaway a trip for all your senses.


Plan your experience

On the beach, in the mountains, in the countryside, in the forest, on the riverbank... all these spaces can be the ideal place for you to connect with the outdoors. Of course... do not forget to check the weather report.

And the moment? Food or dinner? That is left to the choice of each one. Lunch allows us to enjoy a full day, while dinner is ideal to experience the sunset and its gentle decrease in light and temperature.

Be a culinary master

If you have always admired those picnic masters capable of putting together a great meal anywhere, with an excellent presentation and enviable appearance, we have good news. You also can!

The first thing you should know is that finger food, or eating with your hands, will be the perfect bet for all tastes. That is, choose dishes that do not require too many utensils to be eaten.

Other practical ideas, due to their logistics and preparation, are pasta, quinoa, rice, legume or couscous salads... Any advice? Don't wear them dressed. Prepare the vinaigrette and store it in a jar to season at the time of eating them.

And, finally, we were not going to forget about dessert! A great ally that sweetens every moment, we know that there are as many options as there are palates. The cut fruit will always play in our favor, although betting on a homemade cake to accompany the coffee is already playing in another league.

At wecamp we want nothing to stop your fun, which is not at odds with being sustainable. Therefore, we encourage you to invest in the least amount of packaged food to achieve a more alive planet.

Invest in a sustainable kit

Sometimes, taking food away from home is synonymous with using aluminum foil, cling film, plastic bags, disposable plates and cutlery. What can we do to reduce this waste?

wecampers know that a new generation has arrived. The one in which we not only connect with nature, but you are part of it. The one in which we are responsible for our interior and also for our exteriors.

For this reason, we defend that environmental awareness is key to leaving a positive mark on this planet. Next, we want to share with you some eco details. that will make your picnic a real (re)evolution:

Airtight glass jars are the perfect alternative for taking food away from home. There are many sizes, to carry snacks and starters. Being airtight, they keep food in perfect condition and prevent it from opening.

Washable fabric bags for infinite use or reusable silicone zip bags suitable for microwave use will be your allies.

Reusable plates, cups and cutlery made of biodegradable materials made of bamboo fiber, with antibacterial properties that resist humidity, are very easy to find. On the other hand, in order not to carry weight, there is ecological single-use tableware. Made of compostable materials, it degrades in a few months. After using it, we only have to deposit it in the organic remains.

Don't forget your essentials

The following list of accessories will be essential for an experience of ten. Take out a notebook and pen to write down all those accessories that will make a difference.

To begin with, the drink will be essential for sunny days, and if they are cold, even better. Therefore, do not forget the ice packs. What if I'm more of wine? Of course! In that case, it is best to bring a corkscrew.

Whether we are going to the beach, the countryside or the mountains, a picnic tablecloth will allow us to protect ourselves from the humidity of the ground or possible uncomfortable elements. And if the plan is to spend the whole day, sunscreen should not be missing, including an umbrella. Also, the mosquito repellent or first aid kit... it's already expert level!

If you go with children, do not forget to bring a change of clothes, sometimes this type of adventure can end with a small tragedy in the form of stains. Games such as cards, balls or books will also be useful to entertain the whole group.

We want you to collect stories, not stories, so bring a camera to faithfully preserve our memories over the years.

From wecamp, we encourage you to go out and discover the world and take advantage of everything that nature can offer you. Sometimes the most desired site is much closer than we think.

Fill your backpacks with illusion and let nothing stop you!